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Bronchial Brushing

See Specimen Submission Instructions for test requisition, specimen labeling and specimen packaging requirements.

Specimen Instructions

  1. If microbiology is ordered, submit brush in sterile saline. Specimen will be processed for cultures prior to cytology processing.
  2. If microbiology is not ordered:
  3. Place brush in Cytolyt.
  4. If desired, direct smear/s may be prepared from the brush by rolling the brush onto a glass slide prior to placing into Cytolyt. Immediately spray fix or allow to air dry. Label each slide “Fixed” for a fixed slide or “AD” for an air-dried slide. Note: slide must also be labeled with 2 unique patient identifiers.
  5. If submitted as a fresh specimen, refrigerate and transport on ice/cold pack.
  6. If submitted in Cytolyt, transport at ambient temperature.
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