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Chromosome Analysis (Fetal)

See Specimen Submission Instructions for test requisition, specimen labeling and specimen packaging requirements.

Specimen Send Out Information

Two reference laboratories for cytogenetic assay on products of conception or fetal tissue are routinely used. The labs are the Human Genetics Laboratory at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Ne and the ANORA miscarriage test kit by Natera. The default for most OBGYN’s is to utilize the ANORA test kit which is supplied and stocked by each hospital’s clinical laboratory.

When an ANORA test kit is used the clinical laboratory of each hospital is responsible for sending the kit to the reference lab for testing. The pathology lab does not handle storage, receipt, or send-out testing for the ANORA test kits. Submission requirements and instructions are located in each test kit.

If chromosome analysis is requested to be sent to UNMC then the clinical laboratory should be notified for submission requirements. The pathology lab does not handle the chromosome testing sent to UNMC, this is handled through each hospital’s clinical lab.

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